free music forum concert series 2022

@ Club Celeste
Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Vienna
(U4 Kettenbrückengasse or U4 Pilgramgasse)

Opening 19.30h
Concert 20h
Entrance fee: 15 Euro

Ask for a reduced ticket price at the entrance if you need financial support. We have a few low price tickets for every concert.

This concert series is curated by a team of internationally renowned musicians. Read more about concert series


Xavier Charles & Bertrand Gauget & Enrico Malatesta
(clarinet, sax, percussion) FR / IT

Curated by Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit:

We decided to invite Xavier Charles because he is an absolutely fantastic musician and he is totally involved of the great festival Densité in Fresnes en Woëvre in France. He was also organizing the festival Pli in Pont de Baret, where he is living. He is a figure of the improvised scene travelling around the world with his clarinet playing free and abstract music. Charles is deeply involved in the important questions of humanity, migrants,  bio-diversity, agriculture - a strong spirit.
Bertrand Gauguet is a fantastic musician, travels calmy in his own music road - has his own style to play and to think about musics and projects. His music, his saxophone practice is precise, the musical choices are absolutely decided, beautiful and totally open.
He also composes music for movies and music for dance pieces and is teaching sound art at the brillant school Art Décoratif  in Paris. 
They invite Enrico Malatesta for this concert. Enrico is a famous italian percussionist and sound researcher. His music is subtil, he touches the skins of his percussions with delicacy and precision. A unique relationship with the body and sound.


Die Hochstapler
Louis Laurain & Pierre Borel & Antonio Borghini & Hannes Lingens
(trumpet / sax / double bass / drums) FR/IT/DE

Concert curated by Joel Grip & Antonio Borghini, Au topsi Pohl Berlin:

This group is of bouncing character. It plays with you as a listener in its role-play, putting you on the main spot: your ears and mind. It is smart and witty, surprising into the buds. We want you to hear and see this quartet of black jack players spread out in a labyrinth of volatile paths, cheating and winning nothing except the most wanted grasp of a shared sense. Au Topsi Pohl loves this gutty, woody and metal singing acoustic music taking swing, bebop and the unknown jive of today on a risky stroll through the central park in the dark.


Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit & Burkhard Stangl
(trumpet, voice & clarinet, electro guitar) AT / FR

Concert curated by Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit

Isabelle Duthoit and Franz Hautzinger are protagonists of the international abstract music scene and have been working together for many years. In the instant composing process they develop their music, form and design their sound images and abstract constructs.

They invited Burkhard Stangl (guitar) because of a long lasting musical relationship between Burkhard Stangl and Franz Hautzinger. There is a lot of artistically movement in their music with many experiences and adventures. Listen to them playing together is also listen to part of the improvisation history with different current and esthetic approaches. You will listen to creativity, joy, strong influence, ideas.

Burkhard Stangl


to be announced


ISM - Pat Thomas & Joel Grip & Antonin Gerbal
(piano / double bass / drums) UK/SE/IT

Concert curated by Joel Grip & Antonio Borghini, Au topsi Pohl Berlin:

Most people would describe ISM as trio, and you might agree as they walk on stage and reach their instruments. One. Two. Three. Then sounds: the counting is over, no trio but a field, a magnetic cornfield of sort. Spikes of absolute Present, cruelly patient, tickle your hips until you’ll forget how you got there. A priceless gift.
The Au Topsi crew is delighted to present you the only ISM we entirely trust. Yes dear friends, you’ll be in good hands; enormous, endless hands.

Pat Thomas