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at celeste
Hamburgerstr. 18, 1050 Vienna  (AT)
(U4 Kettenbrückengasse or U4 Pilgramgasse)

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Tobias Delius & Axel Dörner & Antonio Borghini & Joel Grip

(saxophone, clarinet / trumpet / double bass)

Concert curated by Antonio Borhini & Joel Grip:

"We are delighted to bring to the free music forum’s beloved audience, four of the finest diplomats, for an evening in a hopefully misty Vienna, searching for yellow, giants and fleas, worse case scenarios and ambivalent squares.
These four musicians Tobias Delius, Axel Dörner, Antonio Borghini und Joel Grip have been playing together in many combinations since, let’s admit it, many years - Hook, line & sinker, Tristan Honsinger’s Hopscotch, Klub Demboh , Sven Åke Johansonn’s Stumps, just to name few of the most spectacularly famous. For the first time they will play as a quartet. Wood, brass, reeds, strings, bodies, a song or a yawn, a dance or a run, there is only one way we can think of, to know what this 4et sounds and looks like. Be there on June 15th!"

"Wir freuen uns dem geschätzten free music forum Publikum vier feine Diplomaten zu einem hoffentlich dunstigen Wiener Abend einzuladen. Auf der Suche nach gelben Riesen und Flöhen, Szenarien für den schlimmsten Fall und ambivalenten Plätzen. Die vier Musiker Tobias Delius, Axel Dörner, Antonio Borghini und Joel Grip haben in verschiedenen Formationen schon zusammen gespielt und das seit vielen Jahren - bei Hook, line & sinker, Tristan Honsinger’s Hopscotch, Klub Demboh, Sven Åke Johansonn’s Stumps um nur einige der beeindruckendsten bekannten zu nennen. Erstmals werden sie nun als Quartett auftreten; Holz, Blech, Schilfrohr, Saiten, Körper, ein Lied hier ein Aufklaffen dort, ein Tanz oder Sprint - es gibt nur eine Möglichkeit zu wissen wie dieses Quartet klingt und wirkt ... kommt am 15. Juni!"

Tobias Delius, born in Oxford UK lived and worked long in Amsterdam before he moved to Berlin. He is into free jazz and improvisation since he was a young tenor saxophone and clarinet player. He worked/works together for example with south african musicians Sean Bergin, Louis Moholo, then also with Han Bennink, Tristan Honsinger, Christian Lillinger, Liz Allbee, Steve Beresford.

Axel Dörner, trumpet (firebird trumpet), is acitve as soloist and together with musicians from the free jazz and electronic music scene. For example he is in a Trio with Phil Minton and Thomas Lehn, and in other formations with Christian Lilinger,  Håvard Wiik and Jan Roder, Tristan Honsinger, Joel Grip.

Antonio Borghini, double bass is involved in the free jazz and improvisation scenes in different countries. in Italy where he grew up and in Germany/Berlin where he lives and workes since long. He had played/plays together for example with musicians like Sean Bergin, Tristan Honsinger, Gianluca Petrella, David Murray, Fabrizio Puglisi, Christina Zavalloni. He combines often spoken words, movement and compositons in his performance.

Joel Grip, double bass and cello, is a strong improvisation musician, and like Anotnio, often adds spoken words or movements in his performances. He is also actively supporting the music scene as festival organizer and with the label Umlaut Records. He is playing for example together with Tristan Honsinger, Symour Wright, Takako Suzuki, Sven-Åke Johansson, Pat Thomas and Antonin Gerbal.

Juli - September summer break

*  Preview fall/winter 2023  *


Guylaine Cosseron - voice
   Franz Hautzinger - trumpet
   Bejamin Duboc - double bass

   (FR / AT)

 Filip / Guionnet / Murayama

Klaus Filip - sinewaves
   Jean-Luc Guionnet - alto sax
   Seijiro Murayama - snare & voice

   (AT / FR / JP)

  Mc Phee / Gartmayer / Edwards / Portugal

   Joe Mc Phee - alt/tenor sax, voice
   Susanna Gartmayer - bass clarinet
   John Edwards - double bass
   Mariá Portugal - drums, voice

   (US / AT / UK / BR)

 Zarić / Harnik / Barrett

Milana Zaric - harp
   Elisabeth Harnik - piano
   Richard Barrett - electronics

   (RS / AT / UK)

 de Backer & Emmeluth

Hanne de Backer - baritone sax
   Signe Emmeluth - alto sax

   (BE / DN)


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