About the concert series in Vienna

In spring 2022 the cultural association free music forum – forum for free jazz and free improvisation - did start it's concert series featuring international groups in Vienna, Austria.

The new concert series is curated by a team of internationally renowned musicians from Austria and abroad and the initiator of the series. They all also organise their own concert series in their regions, representing different tendencies within the free jazz and improvisation genre. (scroll down for more details)

The curators’ teamwork for the concert series in Vienna intends to enhance the collaboration between venues and musicians from different regions.

The musicians will get the opportunity to play at new places and receive support from our network when organizing tours.

The audiences in Vienna will discover different approaches and tendencies within the free jazz and improvisation genre, experiencing a wide range of musicians and new formations.

With this concert series we try to fill a gap that appeared after the venue Blue Tomato had to close at the end of 2021. After 39 years of inspiring free jazz and improvisation concerts in such a beautiful location we are so grateful for all their work and passion!!!

The concert series organized by free music forum takes place at the venue celeste, Hamburgerstr. 18, 1050 Vienna, on the ground floor with it's own beautiful back yard!